Our vision

Success Creates Values – Based on Values

At FOTON, we are convinced: only valu-able cooperation will create sustainable success. From this conviction, we have defined our common vision, which forms the basis for our work, our collaboration with colleagues, customers and vendors – and our common success.


Treating each other with respect – without exception

  • Face everybody with appreciation
  • Be tolerant and accepting towards otherness
  • Be unprejudiced towards different cultures and different ways of acting and thinking


Be honest and straightforward towards everybody

  • Be open and show appreciation
  • Be authentic, don’t wear any masks
  • Stay with the truth, uncover untruths, do not contribute to any scheme or machination
  • Stand up for one’s mistakes, do not assign any guilt


Live up to meet the requirements to the best of one’s potential

  • Place high demands on one’s own performance and behavior at any time, and fulfill these demands
  • Try to realize the best result with regard to cost/benefit aspects
  • Accept and give factual criticism, never get personal
  • Continually evaluate/expand professional and personal competencies and processes
  • Take the initiative to develop intelligent, innovative solutions
  • Challenge one’s own ways of acting and thinking (and let others challenge them)


Take on responsibility for the company, the environment, the happiness of colleagues and customers

  • Treat other people, other property and resources with consideration
  • Perform all activities at any time on the basis of the company’s goals, well-being and values
  • As for expectations from others, fulfill these yourself first and help others in fulfilling them
  • Contribute to a good working atmosphere with consideration and circumspection
  • Make good use of all your own potential and opportunities for action

Business Excellence

Make the most of opportunities

  • Realize outstanding results by means of exceptional efforts
  • Develop visionary and innovative groundbreaking solutions
  • Continually redefine boundaries and set new standards
  • Contribute to the success and growth of a unique company by means of loyalty, competence and responsibility