Above-average success is the result of a win-win situation. Your reward as an employee?

Highly motivated, committed and well-trained employees who clearly share our vision are the prerequisite for FOTON’s progress and success. That’s why for us personnel development is a central task: following the principle of leading-challenging-supporting, we empower our employees right from the very start to completely develop their strengths and to break new ground. Dive right into our FOTON culture of innovation: enjoying challenges instead of routine, growing with the tasks. Because if you want to build the construction machine of tomorrow, you will not get far using yesterday’s structures. Thanks to your commitment, your performance and competence, your curiosity and know-how, and with your readiness for change, you’ll take on responsibility right from the very start in international teams and project groups, respectively.

Reciprocally, we will take on responsibility for you. Providing an attractive package of social benefits, a great corporate culture and unusual perspectives, we will create the right conditions for your personal success. Right from day one.

Because we want to be an attractive employer – all over the world.


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