FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH and BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH establish a strategic partnership

von Martina Polke

FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH and BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH establish a strategic partnership 

Merger will create synergies for sweepers on the German and international markets 

Essen/Witten, 9 December 2016 – FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH (FGCM) from Essen and BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH (BROCK Kehrtechnik) from Witten are entering into a strategic partnership. The merger will allow each company to benefit from the other's strengths and core competencies. BROCK Kehrtechnik has been established for years as one of the market leaders in the field of sweeper technology on commercial vehicles. FGCM, the German subsidiary specializing in engineering of the Chinese commercial vehicle manufacturer Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., offers long-term prospects to BROCK. The business of BROCK Kehrtechnik shall be expanded and strengthend. To this end, FGCM provides additional expertise in the development of innovative technologies for sweepers. The international positioning of the parent company also gives BROCK Kehrtechnik access to the Chinese market as a premium brand. 

Bock und FOTON

The goal of the partnership between FGCM and BROCK Kehrtechnik is to create national and international synergies. FGCM was thus looking for a partner established in the German municipal vehicle sector. By combining the expertise of its own engineering with the know-how from BROCK Kehrtechnik, FGCM wants to expand both the existing business of the German sweeper manufacturer as well as drive the expansion of the company into previously untapped markets. 

Meanwhile, the decision of BROCK Kehrtechnik to merge with FGCM marks a strategic step for the manufacturer. BROCK Kehrtechnik will continue its activities, as well as its collaboration with employees, customers and business partners. The management will be composed of FGCM Managing Director Manfred Lenhart and the Managing Director of BROCK Kehrtechnik, Thorsten Laß. Ingo Nowakowski, founder and former managing partner, will continue to support the company in an advisory role. "In recent years, we have steadily increased our market share, but we had reached our limits. In order to grow even more intensively as a high-quality provider, we sought a strong partner to help us enhance our market position through innovations and expanded manufacturing capacities. The sale to FGCM allows us to ensure this. The company has the necessary capacity to lead BROCK Kehrtechnik into the future," explained Ingo Nowakowski. 

Dr. Albert Schander from Clairfield International, who structured and managed the transaction for the vendors, confirmed: "The technological leadership of BROCK, which is recognised by its competitors, created interest at many strategic candidates in the focused bidding process. In the end, FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH succeeded in asserting itself against its competitors through a combination of speed, understanding of the target company and its market, an attractive takeover structure, and convincing growth prospects." 

Thorsten Laß, Managing Director of BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH, added: "With FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH, it was the long-term concept that won us over. Among other things, it provides for BROCK Kehrtechnik to become a global premium brand. We also gain access to future technologies, such as in the area of e-mobility. Together with our employees in Witten, we want to successfully make these prospects a reality." 

Partnership paves the way for expansion 

A strategic pillar of the partnership is to market BROCK Kehrtechnik sweepers in China as well. This is the largest market in the world and it has extensive development potential. The resources that had been lacking for expansion will now be made available by FGCM and the parent company. "Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. has its own sweeper brand on the Chinese market. In future, the machines from BROCK Kehrtechnik should extend the product range upwards as a premium brand," stated Manfred Lenhart, Managing Director of FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH and BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH. "BROCK Kehrtechnik will thus benefit from the expansion that would not have been possible without the market knowledge and connections of Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. At the same time, BROCK will support the developments in China with its know-how and will thus be able to further consolidate its competencies. But the merger will not place any constraints on the motto: BROCK remains BROCK." 


Brock bleibt Brock: Ziel der strategischen Partnerschaft zwischen FGCM und Brock Kehrtechnik ist es, die Marktstellung von Brock weiter auszubauen. (Manfred Lenhart, Ingo Nowakowski v.r.)

Brock remains BROCK: The goal of the partnership between FGCM and BROCK Kehrtechnik is to further expand BROCK's market position. (Manfred Lenhart, Ingo Nowakowski – right to left) 

Die neue Geschäftsführung setzt sich aus Manfred Lenhart und Thorsten Laß zusammen. Unternehmensgründer Ingo Nowakowski steht dem Unternehmen in beratender Funktion weiterhin zur Seite. (Thorsten Laß, Manfred Lenhart, Ingo Nowakowski v.r.)

The new management is composed of Manfred Lenhart and Thorsten Laß. Company founder Ingo Nowakowski will continue to support the company in an advisory role. (Thorsten Laß, Manfred Lenhart, Ingo Nowakowski – right to left)


About BROCK Kehrtechnik GmbH 

Brock Kehrtechnik GmbH was founded in 1993. The company develops and manufactures compact and large sweeping machines as well as airport equipment for all cleaning jobs in Witten. With a market share of more than 20 percent in Germany and about 10 percent in the EU27, BROCK Kehrtechnik is currently one of the largest manufacturers of sweepers in the sector of road and special construction, as well as vehicles for special solutions. Competency, quality and reliability are essential components of the company philosophy, on which employees, partners, service providers and customers have always depended. 

About FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH 

In 2011, FOTON Germany Construction Machines GmbH was founded as German subsidiary of the Chinese commercial car manufacturer Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. From Essen, metropole city of the Ruhr Region, the company leads the technical developments of the group’s construction machinery. The team of experienced specialists is being supported by renowned strategic R&D partners and the strong development teams of the engineering centers in China. Serving as a competence center, the experts develop and construct taylor-made, intelligent system solutions for new products while at the same time working on the continuous improvement of current machinery like concrete pumps, excavators or cranes. 

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